The Lost People of Tumbarumba

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In 1923 a drover drowns in the flooded Murrumbidgee River,

leaving his son, 157 cattle, an old wagon and a dog.

His son Albert, marries and with his new wife, they

set off to drive their cattle up to the high country through

Tumbarumba, to fatten them up, and sell for a profit.

The beauty of this life was knew to his wife Sarah:

coming from the flat dry plains she never imagined

how steep the mountains were,

or how cold it could be when it rained.

She never imagined the nights,

where the stars would fairly blaze in the black satin sky.

The snow so beautiful and white, could freeze you to your bones.

But Albert and Sarah,

never imagined that they would never leave.

The story takes you on a journey back to the nineteen twenties

in Tumbarumba where drovers and cattlemen would meet.

Where gold miners fossicked for that elusive nugget, and

timber workers would operate pit saws far off in the valleys

and gorges of the beautiful rugged mountains.

A story of a small group of people moving further and further

into the mountains, until they were completely forgotten

by the outside world.

In 1995, two old friends on a fishing expedition,

stumble across ‘the lost people’ and found a lot more than they bargained for.