Escape from Andaman

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‘When he thought that they were not looking, he turned onto a side road that lead away from the main road’ Page 52

The latest book  ‘ESCAPE FROM ANDAMAN’ is a spy Novel.

This highly anticipated fiction novel is set around the

Andaman Islands, an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal.

The story introduces us to, Leasa Easting, a forty year old

Australian widow stranded in Port Blair,

down on her luck and money.

She is befriended by a government official who gets her a job

as an assistant on a research vessel cruising the Indian Ocean.

The mood on the boat soon changes.

Little does she know that the research conducted on board

the vessel is sponsored by the North Korean Government,

aiming to develop poison gas for use in long range rockets.

When she learns that her late husband has lead a double life

as a spy, her life is in grave danger.

Now she has to rely on the fragile alliance of a few strangers,

that she has met on the ship, just to stay alive.


“More than just fiction,  ‘ESCAPE FROM ANDAMAN’  

explores the seedy side of some desperate people and the

depth of deceit and deception that some people will stoop

to in their quest for money and power and their hatred

of their fellow man.”


“The plot driven intrigue and multi-dimensional characters

drive the story forward.

Leasa Easting is a captivating main character with depth

and conflicted emotions,

and the supporting characters provide mystery and intrigue.”