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                    Being a Parent is simple

It seemed that having a family would be simple,

after all my parents done it, your parents done it, how hard can it be?

It starts off with nine months of

fearing the worse, and hoping for the best.

When the baby learns to crawl, you hear a cry, fearing the worst and

hoping for the best, you run through the house,

expecting to see a black eye, but hoping not.

The first day at school, the endless time

listening for the phone to ring.

When it does you rush to it, fearing the worst, hoping for the best.

As they grow in stature, straight and strong. You drop them off

at the high school gate, and after school that long wait.

In a sea of faces you cannot see the ones that are so dear to thee.

Has something happened to him, or has he just been kept in.

You have done it again, fearing the worst and hoping for the best.

Graduation, finals and proms, what to wear, how to get there.

Dressed so well and a kiss goodbye,

looks so wonderful you almost cry.

The show is over before midnight, he is still not home and

it’s almost light. Fear the worst and hoping for the best,

you pull the pillow to your chest.

And now into a man you son has grown, of to university on his own.

A passing hug as you say good bye, with a lump in your throat

and a tear in your eye. You have spent years, teaching him

right from wrong, to make a character fine and strong.

But when you have not heard from him for a few days.

Fearing the worst and hoping for the best,

seems here to stay.